Like most people, I have spent my life just going through the motions rather than truly living in the moment. I have learned, though, that being mindful has its benefits, especially when we become more aware of our own bodies and all that surrounds it.

I believe that if I take care of my body, my body will take care of me. It’s true of anyone. The better we care for ourselves, the better able we are to handle whatever life throws our way.

As a creative individual who has lost nearly 1/3 of her body through healthy lifestyle changes since January 2010, I have become more aware of life and its offerings. Losing the weight opened doors for me I never even thought about when I was my heavier size. I’m back in school for the fourth or so time, but this one is for keeps. My major(s): Integrated Studies with an emphasis in Kinesiology, as well as Psychology, and I later plan to become a registered dietician, among other things. Overall wellness has become my life, and I hope to educate others on how to achieve their own “fabulousness” in ways that nurture the body, mind, and soul.

This blog will be a collaboration of my many interests, including but not limited to crafting with a cause, healthy living, critical thinking, creativing writing, fitness, and overall wellness. As I learn to be more mindful of my own living, trying to enjoy each moment for the uniqueness it delivers, I hope to pass along some things that may interest others who have chosen a similar path, or even to those who are just curious about this Mindful Woman’s quest for a more holistic lifestyle.

Although the title is woman, this blog is for anyone in search of a more fulfilling life by feeding the body and the mind and the soul. Disregard the parts you don’t like; enjoy the parts you do. Afterall, we’re all in this together.

Be Mindful,